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LivionKey Documentation

LivionKey Documentation

Welcome to the LivionKey documentation page! Browse our documentation today and discover the full potential of LivionKey.


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LivionKey Smart

LivionKey Smart takes LivionKey to register to the next level and seamlessly integrates with third-party reservation systems. Our technology optimizes key locker usage for easy handover and retrieval, automatically assigning and releasing lockers for maximum efficiency. It's ideal for medium and long-term contracts.

LivionKey SmartLivionKey Smart
View a comparative breakdown of LivionKey's basic, register, and smart features, highlighting their distinguishing characteristics.🤷🏽Compare basic, register and smart

LivionKey for iLOQ S50

LivionKey for iLOQ S50 is a comprehensive key management solution that combines the Livion automatic key management system with iLOQ S50 locks. The product allows you to associate iLOQ locks with the LivionKey30 automat, enabling anyone accessing the associated locks to access the keys stored in the LivionKey30 key automat.

To use LivionKey for iLOQ S50, install the LivionKey30 key automat in a lobby where the front door has an iLOQ S50 lock. When a customer opens the door using a mobile phone NFC reader, the Livion Key system will receive information and send an SMS to the end customer with a link to select a mechanical key from the LivionKey30 key automat.

Our product is not limited to iLOQ S50 locks and works with S5 Online products.

LivionKey for S50LivionKey for S50

LivionKey automation with iLOQ S5 programming

The LivionKey30 EM Edition is an advanced key management solution designed to automate the programming of iLOQ S5 keys, streamlining access control and enhancing security in various facilities. Access rights are temporarily removed by securely storing keys in the LivionKey30 EM Edition, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access due to key theft.

The key programming process is entirely automated, eliminating the need for manual intervention. When an authorized user retrieves a key using a unique PIN code, the appropriate access rights are automatically programmed onto the key. This efficient system simplifies access control management while ensuring only authorised personnel can access the facility.

The LivionKey30 EM Edition represents the future of automated key management by integrating electromechanical keys with on-demand programming. Users benefit from the familiarity of mechanical keys and battery-free locks and the convenience of automated programming, handover, and return processes. This innovative approach offers users the adaptability of mobile key solutions while maintaining the functionality of traditional mechanical keys.

LivionKey for iLOQ S5LivionKey for iLOQ S5

The LivionKey30 EM Edition is built upon the LivionKey smart platform, incorporating all of its advanced features to deliver a comprehensive and user-friendly key management solution.


To elevate automation capabilities, LivionKey provides two types of APIs for seamless integration with third-party systems:

  • LivionKey API V1 (also known as LivionKey API): This API grants access to core functionality, enabling third-party systems to handle all the logic and processes.
  • LivionKey API V2: This API offers an easy-to-integrate interface, abstracting underlying details for efficient integration with third-party reservation systems.

For large-scale installations, we recommend using the API V2. Additionally, programming iLOQ S5 keys is exclusively supported through the API V2.

API feature comparison

Create a Contract for one Key.
Create a contract for multiple keys.
Automate locker selection
Automate key automat selection
Free lockers for long-lasting contracts
LivionKey API V1LivionKey API V1LivionKey API V2LivionKey API V2