LivionKey for iLOQ S5

LivionKey for iLOQ S5

LivionKey automated iLOQ S5 programming solution

LivionKey30 EM edition is a unique key management solution that automates the programming of iLOQ S5 keys. By storing keys in the Key30 EM edition, they are stripped of their access rights, eliminating the risk of unauthorized access by stealing keys from the key automate.

The key programming process is fully automated and does not require human intervention. When a customer fetches a key using an individual PIN code, the needed access rights are automatically programmed into the key. This makes it easy to manage facility access control while ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to the facility.

The future of automated key management is a combination of electromechanical keys with automated programming on a need basis. The LivionKey30 EM edition offers this future with its unique features. The end customers will have familiar keys and battery-free locks but with the flexibility of automated programming, handover, and return. This allows customers to enjoy mobile key flexibility with familiar mechanical key functionality.

LivionKey30 EM edition is an essential tool for key management in facilities where access control is paramount.

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