LivionKey30 EM edition

LivionKey30 EM edition for iLOQ S5

LivionKey30 EM Edition is an enhanced version of the LivionKey30 key storage solution, designed to offer the same features and technical specifications as the standard LivionKey30. In addition to the core features and specifications of LivionKey30, the EM Edition offers the ability to program electromechanical iLOQ S5 keys. For the technical specifications and key features of LivionKey30, please refer to the LivionKey30 section above.

Additional Features

  • Electromechanical iLOQ S5 Key Programming: The EM Edition enables users to program electromechanical iLOQ S5 keys, providing added convenience and utility for those using iLOQ S5 key systems.
  • Enhanced Security: When keys are stored inside the Key30 EM Edition, they do not have any access rights. This adds an extra layer of security, ensuring that stored keys cannot be used for unauthorized access.


The LivionKey30 EM Edition is specifically designed to be used with the LivionKey Manager web application, ensuring seamless integration with the software tool and the added functionality for managing electromechanical iLOQ S5 keys.

You can find detailed SW installation instructions: