LivionKeyOne is a key storage solution designed for use in both businesses and households. The key box integrates advanced technology with user-friendliness to provide secure and convenient key storage for one key. This document provides an overview of LivionKeyOne's technical specifications and key features.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 220 x 123 x 70 mm with wall bracket and locker closed
  • Weight: 3.5 kg
  • Operating voltage: 18 VDC

Key Features

  • 1 locker for keys
  • Remote reservation capabilities via web application: Users can reserve lockers from anywhere using a dedicated web application.
  • Client-specific PIN codes: PIN codes are generated for each reservation and are valid only during the reservation period.
  • Remote door opening function: Users can remotely open locker doors.
  • Email and SMS notifications: The system can send email and SMS notifications to customers.
  • Locker camera for monitoring and tracking key usage.
  • Movement, shock, power disconnect, and offline alerts: The system provides various notifications for enhanced security.
  • Comprehensive control application: A dedicated app for managing and monitoring the key storage system.
  • Multiple user access levels: Allows different levels of access for administrators and users.
  • Customizable email and SMS template messages: Offers the option to edit notification templates.
  • Notification redirection options: Allows notifications to be redirected to specified recipients./


LivionKeyOne can be used with both LivionKey Dashboard and LivionKey Manager web applications.

Installation instructions