LivionKey for S50

LivionKey for S50

LivionKey for iLOQ S50

LivionKey for iLOQ S50 is a comprehensive key management solution that combines the Livion automatic key management system with iLOQ S50 locks. The product allows you to associate iLOQ locks with the LivionKey30 automat, enabling anyone accessing the associated locks to access the keys stored in the LivionKey30 key automat.

To use LivionKey for iLOQ S50, install the LivionKey30 key automat in a lobby where the front door has an iLOQ S50 lock. When a customer opens the door using a mobile phone NFC reader, the Livion Key system will receive information and send an SMS to the end customer with a link to select a mechanical key from the LivionKey30 key automat.

Our product is not limited to iLOQ S50 locks and works with S5 Online products.

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