LivionKey API V1

LivionKey API V1

LivionKey API V1 technical details

The API allows for contract creation for key automat lockers, and the API user is responsible for tracking the lockers and automats. API is intended to be used when Key automats are used with the LivionKey dashboard.

You can download the API usage guide from:

LivionKey API_3_1_20.pdf1598.8KB

Differences between LivionKey APIs

To elevate automation capabilities, LivionKey provides two types of APIs for seamless integration with third-party systems:

  • LivionKey API V1 (also known as LivionKey API): This API grants access to core functionality, enabling third-party systems to handle all the logic and processes.
  • LivionKey API V2: This API offers an easy-to-integrate interface, abstracting underlying details for efficient integration with third-party reservation systems.

For large-scale installations, we recommend using the API V2. Additionally, programming iLOQ S5 keys is exclusively supported through the API V2.

API feature comparison

Create a Contract for one Key.
Create a contract for multiple keys.
Automate locker selection
Automate key automat selection
Free lockers for long-lasting contracts