LivionKey Smart

LivionKey Smart

LivionKey Smart

LivionKey Smart is a solution that addresses the inefficient usage of LivionKey30 lockers. The default usage of LivionKey30 is to create a LockerContract for each reservation with a specific duration, which results in the lockers being reserved but empty for most of the reservation duration.

LivionKey Smart solves this problem by automatically allocating lockers based on reservation data. Lockers are reserved only for key pickup and key return periods, reducing the usage of LivionKey30 lockers to a minimum.

Main features

LivionKey Smart has several key features that make it a useful solution for property management systems.

  • Included when using LivionKey Manager App
  • Easy integration with 3rd party PMS through a Reservation API:
    • Simple call flow
    • Fully customizable.
  • Built-in notifications engine allowing property managers to stay informed of the usage and availability of lockers:
    • Key status notifications
    • Device group notifications

How it works

LivionKey Smart can be used directly with the LivionKey Register app or LivionKey Api.

In both cases, reservation data will be entered into the system and processed using the predefined configuration settings to reserve a locker inside a LivionKey automat.

If enabled, notifications ( Email and SMS ) can be sent to the end user and the LivionKey automat manager accordingly.



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