Sync logic

Sync logic

Sync logic

LivionKey Smart service uses various parameters to determine the type of operation that should be synced (Pick up, RetThe LivionKey Smarturn or both) , whether a locker should be reserved, which device should be used for the reservation, and for how long the reservation should be made.

The main use case for automated key handling is to allow a customer to pick up and return a key to a LivionKey automat.

Default Locker Contract

Suppose the reservation duration is shorter or equal to the default duration. In that case, LivionKey Smart service will consider this a short-term reservation and associate a locker to it for its duration. The end user can then fetch and return the key using the same PIN code.

This pin code will be synchronised to the LivionKey automate a certain number of days before the reservation starts, as specified by the defaultSyncTime.

Fetch and Return Locker Contracts

If the reservation is long-term or permanent, the locker is only reserved during the pickup and/or return phases. Two LockerContracts can be generated to manage these types of reservations.

The first LockerContract allows the user to retrieve the key. This contract starts at the same time as the reservation start time and lasts for the duration specified by fetchDuration. The pin code will be synchronized fetchSyncTime days before the reservation starts, allowing the user to access the pin code in advance.

Once the key is fetched, The LivionKey Smart service will clear the locker, allowing it to be used for another reservation. By clearing, the system can ensure that no lockers remain reserved for long periods of time and helps to optimize locker usage.

The second LockerContract allows the user to return the key. This contract starts return duration days before the reservation ends and lasts until the end of the reservation. The pin code will be synchronized returnSyncTime days before the reservation ends, again allowing the user access to the pin code in advance. This way, the user can return the key at their convenience.

Make sure returnSynctime is set to a value greater than or equal to returnDuration. This way, the return Locker Contract pincode will always be synced just before the user can retrieve the key.

General settings

The LivionKey Smart service offers the following settings:

defaultStartTime is the default start hour for a reservation. If set to 9, this means that the pin code will be valid from 9 am on the start date of the reservation.

defaultEndTime is the default end hour for a reservation. If set to 9, this means that the pin code will be valid until 9 am on the end date of the reservation.

freeLockersLimit refers to the lowest free locker percentage in a device group before triggering a warning. This allows the system to alert the administrator when a certain threshold of lockers are occupied, so that they can take action if necessary.

timezone is the time zone that is used for all date handling in the system. This ensures that all date and time related information, such as reservation start and end times, default start and end times, and synchronization times, will be based on the specified time zone.

onlyBusinessDays is a setting that determines whether the duration settings exclude holidays and days off. When this setting is enabled, reservations will not be allowed to start or end on holidays or days off, as specified by the system.

Default values