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A Reservation in LivionKey System associates a specific entity, such as an apartment, office, or car, with a list of contacts for a specific duration of time. 3rd party systems usually push reservations to LivionKey system using LivionKey Reservation API. This allows for seamless integration between the third-party system and LivionKey and can streamline the reservation process for the end user.


A Key in LivionKey System represents a mechanical Key or an electromechanical key. It provides access to one or multiple reservable entities. Keys can be handed over and returned manually to a desk or automatically using LivionKey automats (LivionKey 30 and/or LivionKey 1). Keys will be assigned selected storage (Manual Storage or LivionKey Automat)

Key Contracts

A KeyContract in LivionKey is similar to a Reservation for Keys, it associates a specific Key or set of Keys with a list of contacts for a specific duration of time. However, it also includes additional features that are specific to LivionKey Manager such as support for agreements, attachments, and digital signature capabilities.

Locker Contracts

A LockerContract associate a LivionKey Automat locker to a contact or a list of contacts for a specific duration. This type of contract allows the designated contacts to access the locker during the agreed-upon duration.

A Key Contract associated with a Key stored in a LivionKey Automat will create a Locker contract.

Device Groups

Device groups were used in the early stages of LivionKey Smart solution to map LivionKey automats to reservable entities such as group of apartments keys.

Each reservation should specify the device group to be used, allowing LivionKey Smart to find the appropriate LivionKey automat to be used.

Automated Key automat selection

This feature has yet to be made available. When used, it will remove the need to create device groups.

We are working to provide a solution to find the nearest key automat based on the address of an apartment or other space and the address of the Key automat.