LivionKey register

LivionKey register

LivionKey register

The LivionKey Register Solution offers a secure, efficient, and comprehensive approach to managing manual and automated key handovers and returns. This system enables organizations to build structures, create buildings and keys, and effectively manage application users while maintaining streamlined access control.

With LivionKey Register, users can manage unlimited keys, ensuring full visibility into key locations and usage history. The solution also supports automated key handover and return processes, simplifying access management and improving security. To make the most of LivionKey Manager, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the key features and base concepts listed below.

Key Features

  • Key Management: Streamline the process of managing keys, including adding, editing, and deleting keys, as well as handing over and returning keys.
  • Building Management: Organize and manage all your organization's buildings and properties, including adding, editing, and deleting building information.
  • Organization Structure Management: Define and maintain your organization's structure for efficient access control and delegation.
  • User Management: Manage users within your organization, including adding, editing, and deleting user accounts, as well as assigning roles and access rights.
  • Key Contract Management: Create and manage key contracts for users, specifying the keys they can access and the duration of their access rights.
  • Event History Tracking: Monitor and track all events related to key and access management, including key reservations, access attempts, and changes in access rights.

Your organization can benefit from a robust and user-friendly access management system by leveraging these features. With LivionKey Manager, managing keys and access has never been easier or more efficient.

Base concept

Organization & settingsOrganization & settings👥User managementKeysKeys🤝Key contracts📝Event history

How to

Import keysImport keysImport buildingsImport buildings

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