Event history

Event history


The Event History feature in LivionKey Manager allows you to track all modifications to system resources and all logical operations within the system. This comprehensive history helps you understand the changes made in your environment, troubleshoot issues, and maintain a secure and compliant infrastructure.

Accessing Event History

To access the Event History feature, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your LivionKey Manager account.
  2. Locate the left navigation bar.
  3. Click on "Event History."

Event History User Interface

Upon accessing the Event History, you will be presented with a table displaying the following columns:

  • Action: The type of action performed, such as create, update, delete, or execute.
  • Timestamp: The date and time the event occurred.
  • Resource Type and identification: The type and ID of system resource affected
  • Details: Additional information about the action, if available.

Filtering and Searching Event History

To narrow down the events displayed in the table, you can use the filter and search functionality. The available filters and search options are as follows:

  • Search: Enter a keyword or phrase in the search box to find events containing the entered text in any of the table columns.
  • Filter by Organization Unit: Search and select an organization unit from the organization tree to display events associated with the chosen unit.
  • Filter by Contract: Search and select a contract from the available contracts in the system to show only events related to the selected contract.
  • Filter by Key: Search and select a key from the available keys in the system to display events involving the chosen key.
  • Filter by User: Search and select a single user to show only events performed by that user.
  • Filter by Device: Search and select a key automat device to display events associated with the chosen device.
  • Filter by Period: Use the date picker to select a specific date range for the events. This will display events that occurred within the chosen time range.

To apply the filters and search, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the desired keyword or phrase in the search box, if applicable.
  2. Choose the desired filters from the available options by searching and selecting the appropriate organization unit, contract, key, user, or device.
  3. Use the date picker to select a specific date range, if needed.
  4. The filtered events will be displayed in the table, allowing you to view and analyze the relevant event history data.

Security and Data Retention

LivionKey Manager adheres to industry-standard security practices to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your event history data. The retention period for event history data can be configured based on your organization's requirements and compliance policies. To learn more about your organization's data retention policies, please contact your Livion sales representative.