Organization & settings

Organization & settings

Organization & settings

The Organization & Settings feature is vital for businesses to manage large deployments effectively and allocate resources across various geographical regions. This feature offers numerous capabilities, including creating and customising organizational units, access control, inheritance of settings, and configuration of various settings for all organizational units.

Organization Structure Management

  • Create and customize up to 10 levels of organizational units
  • Filter and restrict user access to specific organizational units
  • Control access to application resources such as keys, activities, and buildings under specific organization units


  • Set language and timezone preferences for each organizational unit
  • Manage organization unit Terms and Conditions for customer agreements
  • Upload attachments and add comments to organizational units
  • Enforce Two-Factor Authentication for all organization users
  • Configure iLOQ API credentials and webhook subscription for iLOQ integration
  • Customize email and SMS sender information
  • Add organization logos to email templates and the application
  • Edit email template design, look, and feel
  • Customize Email and SMS notification content
  • Configure organization unit-specific information in email and SMS templates
  • Set up notifications for key operations and key automat alarms
  • Enable or disable the front camera during regular key operations
  • Control storage time for photos and videos recorded by the Key30 automat's front camera

Guides & Processes

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