How to build an organization?

How to build an organization?

How to build an organization?

To get the most benefit from the LivionKey system, it's important to pay attention to the structure of the organization tree.

When constructing your organization structure, consider the following factors:

  • What access should be granted to users at each level? Remember that an organizational structure is a basis for access control. You can grant access to users at any organization level; they will then have access to that level and all levels below, but not above.
  • Filtering buildings, keys, and contracts can easily use geographical areas as organizational units. This allows for quickly listing buildings from a specific town or district.
  • Are there any areas that require common email and SMS templates to be defined? There might be a need to add organization-specific information, such as email or phone numbers, to templates in case customers have problems. This information might vary across different areas.

Organization unit types

Currently, Livionkey has the following types of organization units:

  • Organization: This is always the type for the root level in the organization tree.
  • 💡
    Users cannot create a new organization unit type called “organization”
  • Country: Can be used to create multinational organizations.
  • Area: Some geographical areas within the country.
  • Town
  • District
  • Company: Used by locksmith companies to manage buildings for their customers.
  • Other: If none of the above match, use this type.
Created buildings and building sections are part of an organization's hierarchy. This allows access rights to be granted on a building-by-building basis.


A locksmith company

This Locksmith company uses LivionKey register to manage the buildings and keys of its customers.

  • Locksmith Company (Organization)
    • Finland (Country)
      • Helsinki (Town)
        • Customer A (Customer)
          • Building 1
          • Building 2
        • Customer B (Customer)
          • Building a
          • Building b

A multinational company

This is an example of a multinational company. It operates in multiple countries and manages thousands of keys with a large number of key automats.

  • A multinational company (Organization)
    • Spain (Country)
    • Germany (Country)
    • Sweden (Country)
      • South (Area)
        • Malmö (Town)
          • Building 1
          • Building 2
    • Finland (Country)
In the example above, Area South should only be used if it exists in the company's organizational structure. The trick is to keep the organizational structure minimal and only introduce levels that make sense.

A small company

This small company operates in one town, managing keys for several buildings.

  • Small company (Organization)
    • Building 1
    • Building 2

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