Import buildings

Import buildings

Import buildings

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for importing buildings into the system.

You can import buildings to multiple organization units in the same import file.

Fill template

  1. First, download the Microsoft Excel import buildings template
  2. Fill in the building properties in the template:
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      Do not alter the column headers in the template; otherwise, validation will not succeed.
    2. Organization Unit ID or Customer ID: Required, must match an existing organization unit.
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      To find the Organization Unit ID or Customer ID:
      1. Go to the left menu and click on "Organization".
      2. Select the desired organization unit.
      3. In the General tab, locate the "Info" section.
      4. The ID and Customer ID will be displayed there.
    4. Address: Required, the building's address.
    5. Postal Code: Required, the building's postal code.
    6. Post Office: Required, the building's post office.
    7. Building Name (optional): A logical name for the building.
    8. Building Customer ID: Required, an identifier to help import keys to the building from a third-party system
  3. Save the file in CSV format, using a comma (,) or semicolon (;) as the separator.

Import operation

  1. Log in to the system and navigate to the Buildings page.
  2. From the Actions drop-down menu, select Import.
  3. Upload the CSV file.
  4. Press validate
  5. Confirm the import details and click Import.
  6. Once the import is complete, a confirmation screen with the results will appear.

Validation Guidelines

  • Column headers must match the template.
  • Each CSV file must contain a maximum of 200 buildings.
  • Required fields: Organization unit ID or Customer ID, Address, Postal code, Post office, Building Customer ID
  • Building Customer ID must be unique within the Organization. Otherwise, the building will be skipped.
  • All rows must contain data, including those at the beginning and end, to pass validation. No empty rows are allowed.

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