Key automats

Key automats

Key automats

The Key Automat Overview lists key automats, including their addresses, assigned buildings, and statuses.

Click on the corresponding row to view details for an individual key automat. The detailed view provides information about the automat and a list of associated keys and lockers.

LivionKey 30 EM edition will have a list of keys separated into iLOQ S5 and mechanical keys.

Key automat details view

Header bar


The key automat's connectivity status, including its current state, signal strength, and whether it is running on power or battery, can be found in the top right corner of the screen.

The key automat has an internal battery that allows the system to run for a few hours without being connected to a power source.

Location and label

The address and building where the key automation system is installed can be found in the top left corner of the screen.

Using labels helps differentiate between devices within the same building or address. For example, assign labels such as A, B, C, etc., to each device. Affix a corresponding sticker to the front of each device for easy identification. Displaying the label to end customers ensures they know which device to use for key retrieval.

Action menu

You can find more actions from the three dots menu on the top right corner of the screen.


Settings for key automats, click the link below to read more

Key automat settingsKey automat settings


The maintenance view provides an option to reboot the key automat. Under normal operation, rebooting should not be necessary. However, this feature acts as a safety measure, allowing users to reboot the device if other troubleshooting methods fail to resolve issues.


The Logs section provides access to the key automat's event history. Here, you can find records of all key retrievals and returns and relevant information for each event.


The Alarms section displays all active alarms related to the key automat. These alarms may include issues such as the device being disconnected from the internet.

Locker list

iLOQ S5 lockers

iLOQ S5 lockers are designed to accommodate iLOQ S5 keys without any keyrings. Only insert iLOQ S5 keys into these lockers to ensure compatibility and proper functioning.

Insert new iLOQ S5 keyInsert new iLOQ S5 key


Lockers provide ample storage space for both mechanical keys and key cards. While storing two keys in a single locker is possible, we advise against overcrowding to ensure the smooth functioning of the key automat. Overfilling may result in the key automat door failing to close properly.

Add mechanical keyAdd mechanical key

Guides & Processes

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