How to install device to LivionKey dashboard

Phase 1: Install Wizard

  • Click Install new Key box -tab in the left side of the web page to start Install Wizard (see Figure 1).
  • Figure 1
    Figure 1
  • Enter the ID of your LivionKey and click Next (see Figure 2). The six digit device ID can be found from the bottom of your LivionKey and also from the product package.
  • Figure 2
    Figure 2
  • Enter location/name for your LivionKey. Click Save to finalize Install Wizard (see Figure 3).
  • Figure 3
    Figure 3
  • To set the default settings for your LivionKey, click Setup to start the Introduction Wizard (see Figure 4). If you don’t want to set the settings yet, click Close.
  • Figure 4
    Figure 4


    If the default settings are not set, the Introduction Wizard will be started automatically once you access the device from Device view.

Phase 2: Introduction Wizard

  • The default settings are set to your LivionKey through Introduction Wizard. It’s started by clicking Setup in Install Wizard or it starts automatically when a device which doesn’t have settings defined is entered in Device view.
  • Define the default arrival and departure times for Contract (booking) and click Next (see Figure 5).
  • Figure 5
    Figure 5
  • The preview of the default booking confirmation e-mail and SMS are shown. Click Next (see Figure 6).
  • Figure 6
    Figure 6


    If you want to change the content of the e-mail and SMS, you can do it later from the Settings -page.

  • Define alarm receivers by entering e-mail address, phone number and language (see Figure 7). System sends alarms to alarm receivers by e-mail. You can add several receivers by clicking Add receiver. Click Next to finalize the wizard.
  • Figure 7
    Figure 7

    Note! It’s mandatory to define at least one alarm receiver.

  • Define desired key event notifications (Key not returned, Key returned, Key fetched) in use (see Figure 8). The notifications are sent to receivers by e-mail and/or by SMS.

Note! SMS messages are chargeable!

Figure 8
Figure 8