Key automat settings

Key automat settings

Key automat settings


In the connection section, you can configure the key automat to use a Wi-Fi network.

The Wi-Fi MAC address is also provided. Use the MAC address for a secure connection to your Wi-Fi network through MAC address filtering.


You can relocate the key automat to a different building and change its label from this section.

Pincode Sync

Link Livion KeyPads or iLOQ Online Readers to the key automat to synchronize all contract pincodes.


This section allows you to disable the front camera and choose the duration for storing front camera images and videos.


Create groups and add devices to them. These groups serve as filters in the devices list view, making it easier to manage and locate specific devices. For instance, you could create a group called "Area 1" that includes all devices in that area.

Other Settings

While default settings should be sufficient in most cases, you can modify them as needed.

Audio Volume: Adjust the loudness of the key automat's voice prompts.

Anti-theft Sensitivity: Determine the responsiveness of the alarm system.

Door Opening Time - Return Code: Set the number of seconds the door will remain open when using a return code.

Door Opening Time - Contract PIN-code: Set the number of seconds the door will remain open when using a contract PIN-code.

In some instances, the key automat will automatically determine the appropriate duration for keeping the door open.