February 21, 2023

February 21, 2023

Real-time Updates for Keys and Field Devices Views

Release date: February 21, 2023

We have been diligently working on implementing a real-time updates feature for the LivionKey Manager application. This enhancement eliminates the need to manually refresh the application views. When any user updates keys, the view will update automatically. Additionally, when someone retrieves a key from the key automat, the change will be instantly visible in both the field devices and key views.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Implemented the ability to define an external helper link for added convenience.
  • Enhanced end-to-end tests with real-time event detection for state changes.
  • Added support for updating customer IDs.
  • Introduced a contacts list feature.
  • Enabled real-time updates for the device view.
  • Allowed the handover of returned keys that are part of active contracts.
  • Resolved an issue with creating extra streams during rerender in real-time events.
  • Fixed contract contact language being ignored when accessing the Telia authentication system.
  • Corrected the default language code for Swedish.
  • Addressed the receive key view default language issue.
  • Ensured error avoidance by verifying the existence of contracts and contacts.
  • Implemented automatic Telia SIM subscription update support.
  • Set default VAT based on the customer's country.
  • Enabled unique customer IDs for tags and moved them to the root level.
  • Added support for contact sorting.
  • Fixed improper keyHistory support in the API contracts.
  • Added organization-level default notification language and set English as the backup language.
  • Changed contract validity and stopped notifications for existing contracts in the S50 update.
  • Addressed the missing key-not-returned events generation.
  • Allowed handover of returned keys while an active contract exists.
  • Fixed the reference to an unknown function in receive keys.
  • Resolved LivionKey API access issues for the keys endpoint.
  • Included contact default language in the strong authentication contract confirmation link.